Cory Catfish: The Little Aquarium Cleaner

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Fishes are perhaps among the top favorite pets in the US. I have known of many families who own an aquarium and who are fond of their pet fishes. I have read that watching fishes have some therapeutic effect especially after a stressful day. Although I personally like to have my own aquarium, I am reluctant about it because I know that it requires regular maintenance work which includes cleaning the tank, changing the water, and feeding the fish among others.

Among the different tasks involved in maintaining an aquarium, cleaning the task requires the most work. Fortunately, some type of fishes can help you in this task. I am not referring to the odd-looking janitor fishes, but a more attractive and peaceful aquarium cleaner which some fish owners may not yet familiar about. They are the Cory catfish or more commonly called as the Cory Cat. You don’t have to think of a catfish bait just to get them because they are now widely available in many pet shops.

The Cory Cats are bottom-dwelling fishes that can make an excellent addition to most aquarium communities. These extremely peaceful fishes can grow between 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches in length with several colorful species available for aquarium hobbyist. Cory Cats are great bottom feeders and do a great job in sucking up any uneaten or leftover food at the bottom of the aquarium. With leftovers cleaned up, less work will be put on your filter after feeding time.

It is important to note because of the Cory Cats’ specialized feeding behavior, it is recommended to add them only after having several fishes in your aquarium. Bottom-feeding fishes including the Cory Cats rely heavily on the presence of sloppy-eating fish to provide them continuous supply of leftover foods to scavenge. If there are not enough fishes in the aquarium, they should be given supplemental foods which may include flake food, algae wafers, Cyclops-eeze and frozen brine shrimp.

In addition to their food, Cory Cats also grow best at water temperatures between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH range between 6.0 and 7.0. As they are generally peaceful, they are ideal to be mixed with small groups of fishes of about six or a little more. The minimum tank size ideal for them is about 10 US gallons, but a bigger aquarium is strongly recommended. If you are seeking for Cory Cats, popular species that you can find include Bandit Cory, Bronze Cory, Julii Cory, Panda Cory and Skunk Cory.

Furthermore, when you acquire a Cory Cat for your tank, it would be good to lower your expectation regarding their cleaning ability. While they can do a lot of work in cleaning the bottom, it should be noted that no fish can substitute your own efforts in waste removal and in the use of an algae pad and gravel vac. You should check your tank from time to time and schedule regular cleaning to keep your fishes in good living condition.

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