5 Common Causes of Relationship Anxiety

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Relationships are perhaps one of the most common sources of joy for many people. For me, family relationship is my primary source of happiness and strength. However, there is no such thing as a perfect human relationship as problems are inevitable. In a family, you can expect everyday challenges to come about as I have experienced this firsthand. And this is true for any kind of relationship including friendships and parent-to-child or husband-and-wife relationships. Some people are fortunate enough to be able to manage these problems while others are not and just result to anxiety.

Anxiety is a serious problem that can lead to a disorder if not properly dealt with. Its initial manifestations include insomnia, shaking, depression, muscle tension and sweating. In a relationship, there are common types of problems that can cause anxiety. Knowing what these problems are and how to deal with them can greatly help you prevent or cope up with relationship anxiety.

  1. Loss of Trust

Trust is a vital component in any relationship and it is also considered to be the most fragile. Trust is developed over time, but once it is gone, it can be hard or even impossible to repair the damage. Problems that destroy trust such as infidelity or even the inability of the other person to fulfill his or her promises cause many people to experience anxiety. In addition to that, some people also become anxious when they fear future breakups or when they feel insecure about the future of their relationship.

  1. Frequent Fights

Misunderstandings are common in any relationship, but when it already causes frequent fights involving anger, it may result to a serious anxiety problem on the persons involved.

  1. Stress in the Relationship

Because of problems, it is sometimes normal to experience stress in a relationship. Among mothers, it is common to experience stress from time to time when you are dealing with your children. Stress becomes abnormal when you keep it within yourself and let it build up over time. It can cause anxiety which may eventually lead to a relationship breakup between partners or spouses.

  1. Lack of Support

Aside from trust, support is another vital component that holds any type of relationship. Just like teamwork, support from the other person makes things easier and manageable. Without support, it is easy to get stressed over small things. Lack of support can be manifested in different ways. Sometimes, even negative jokes or criticisms can make a person feel unsupported.

While it can be hard to cope with anxiety in a relationship, it is possible through the following means:

  • It is important that the person causing your anxiety problems knows what you are going through. Communication is a powerful tool that can open up possibilities of patching up any problem in the relationship.
  • Keep yourself busy with other positive things. Instead of constantly thinking about relationship problems, focus on things that make you feel happy such as outdoor activities, hobbies, spending time with friends, and others.
  • Try other anxiety reduction strategies. Some people take supplements for anxiety if they can no longer control their feelings. Others consult a professional who can give sound advice regarding their situation.

It is important to note that anxiety can be managed. Don’t let yourself be overcome with it, but instead overcome it with the practical solutions available.

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